Q&A a Day Journal: Some Interesting Entries Thus Far

December 2014 – I received a blank Q&A a Day journal as a Christmas present. In case you’re not familiar with such a thing, it is basically a little notebook of 365 pages, each marked with a different day of the year. On each page is a question, along with five blank paragraphs to fill in on that day every year for five years.

Although it’s barely been three years since I began jotting down whatever answer felt right each day, already I can see the difference a year or two can make. So I’ve decided to share five of my most telling entries thus far, in chronological order.

1. January 13th, 2015-2017


In 2015, I said I wanted to travel to Japan. By 2016, I had booked a short trip to Osaka. In 2016, I said I wanted to go to Southeast Asia. By 2017, I had booked a week-long trip to Vietnam. So perhaps by 2018, I should be headed south of the equator.

2. January 24th, 2015-2017


What these entries show, in my opinion, is how more honest I’ve become with myself. Rather than build something just for show, I realized that what would truly make me happy (or at least fulfilled) would be doing as I do now – only getting paid for it.

3. March 24th, 2015-2016


I was really getting ahead of myself back there in 2015, whereas by 2016 I seemed more content with where I was both geographically and career-wise. Instead of daydreaming about something far from reach, (not that that is unhealthy,) I was fantasizing about something that was more attainable and right around the corner. For me, it was a huge turnaround from longing for something that was a more long-term goal, to wanting and getting something so simple – a fun weekend.

4. April 30th, 2015-2016 img_0499

What a difference moving to another country makes. Like I mentioned above, I was in a rough spot back in early 2015. I was caught in a rut and completely unsure how to escape it. Luckily, after coming to Korea, I ended up meeting new people nearly every weekend, and still do.

5. May 25th, 2015-2016


I swear to God I did not consult this journal before booking my post-Gwangju trip to Hong Kong and Singapore. I also swear that I did not even open this journal before reserving my trip to Bali back in July 2016. What is with this journal?



In conclusion, I have a magic journal that makes all of my travel dreams come true.

But in all seriousness, I look forward to answering and comparing more of my answers over the next three years. This is the first time in perhaps ever that I’ve stuck to the same journal for this long, so I’ll be hoping that I can say the same for this blog and compare my answers between 2015 and 2020.


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