Why I’m Giving Up Alcohol (For the Foreseeable Future)

I’ve always been able to remember what I did on a night out – that is, until I came to Korea.

Like many people in their late-teens/early 20’s, getting drunk meant downing drinks until you got dizzy, puked, and went home. This was how it was for me when I first went to Spain, and then pretty much until the middle of art school.

Towards my mid-to-late 20’s, it was more about scarfing down junk food, passing out, waking up, and barfing up said junk food. This was probably mid-art school up until just before I left for Korea – a splendid time in which I was just a bubblier version of myself who could dance the rum and cokes out of my system all night long.

But the past few times, I’ve overindulged to the point where I’ve either ended up crying in a corner or completely blacking out and arguing with people/ruining relationships. It’s almost as if my tolerance is so high, I’m too drunk to know by the time I’ve had too much. Then I wake up the next morning with not just a physical hangover, but an emotional one, too.

blackout drunk
This clip from John Mulaney’s “New in Town” has given me quite a bit of emotional support. (via GIPHY)

In essence, the downfall of the day after has begun to outweigh the momentary, beaming elation that booze can bring. I find myself scrambling to send apologies to friends, who insist that it’s all ok and that we were all very drunk and it happens to all of us. While I’m thankful for the patience and tolerance of those friends, I can’t find it in my heart to do such a thing on a weekly basis. A friendship is a see saw, you know – we’ve both got to take turns lifting and lowering the other.

So I posted a Facebook status about having the first dry weekend in a while – nothing too grandiose, because I still don’t really think anyone cares. I added that I hoped it would be the first of many, along with a “feeling determined” tag. A few friends liked it here and there, which could either mean “Awesome, Kimberly, we support you” or “Yep, I agree, it’s about frikkin’ time, ya boozehound” or both.

Either way, I’m excited to see what not buying drink after drink every weekend will do for my productivity, waistline, bank account, and state of mind.

Featured Image via GIPHY


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