Hi, I’m Kim.

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, USA, where I spent my days writing, learning Spanish, and generally wishing to travel somewhere else, as many an Ohioan is wont to do. Then I relocated to Chicago, where I attended and earned a degree at art school for Film, Video, and New Media.

With a deep passion for Spanish culture and language, I studied abroad in Madrid a couple of times before moving there to teach English. Of course, I took advantage of Spain’s proximity to other countries and travelled around Europe nearly every chance I got. Although I absolutely loved living in the Spanish capital, sadly I had to leave before I could start my second year.

And now, a few years and a second citizenship (Italian) later, I’m living in South Korea. While I still long for croquetas and languid afternoons in Retiro Park, I’ve decided to stay in Asia for the time being – something I never imagined myself doing.

So, as a writer and person who no longer lives in my home country, I hope you enjoy the photos and texts I will offer on my humble little blog.